Slightly unstable Kitsune looking.


Distinguishing Physical features: Even in her human form, she has a fox tail sized for a medium sized creature, red eyes, and whitish-grey hair, which reaches her thighs, which is separated into several braids. When in hybrid or animal form, she retains her red eyes, and her hair is copied by her fur, with white gloves. Beyond the various scars on her body, most of them simply white lines in her body, she is rather striking when she tries to show herself as such. She refuses to cut her hair, and it took tricking her with some meat to get her to bathe for the first time. She still refuses to use soap.

Attire: She has, though, not taken to wearing much clothing, as switching between her human and hybrid form would stretch her clothing quite a bit. She has a ragged, stained kimono for polite society, but otherwise her clothing, while not obscene, does not leave much to the imagination. She has just taken to wearing proper footwear, and wears two bracelets, a gift from the nezumi, which act as Bracers of Armor +1.

Personality: Until she knows a person very well (which she only knows the Nezumi samurai well enough) She either does not speak or speaks very breifly and directly, but not without a hint of submission. She is loyal to her fellow adventurers, but knows she is something foreign, seperate from simple mortals, but not consciously. In battle, she does her best to preventing anyone to come to harm, knowing it will cause her to shake into a uncontrollable rage. She does not like raging in front of the party, but will if there is no other option.

Battle Styles: She has 3 major tactics for destroying a threat. If she has line of sight and a clear path, she will pull out her hammer and leap towards whoever is in lead of a formation, bashing them with all the might she can muster.


As a young kit, barely able to walk, Lasasha, not yet named, was taken from her pack by a former agent of Muchitsujo the Onisu of Chaos, determined to create a great army of tainted, twisted, and diverse number of enemies, in order to bring back the great demon. Making the young fox feed on the near starving animals it kept as food, Lasasha grew up with a unknown amount of youths, of various clans and ages, none who knew how to speak. With no lessons on how to communicate, how to behave, and even what to do, the pens were chaotic to say the least. The only water they had to drink was from a long tainted, dirty pool. As they grew, some being killed by their ‘siblings’, and others hardened by years of neglect, those who survive until adolescence were taken into a once grand hall, banners rotted away, sat a very obvious council of long lost humans, the taint obvious in everything about them. Unaware what any of this meant, the lack of
danger lulled her into a false sense of security, along with the enchantments placed on her without her notice, and she was chained and lead to another yard, where those long ago captured were trained in the martial arts. Her natural talent, and forms, lead her to be trained as a bezerker, one rarely seen in these lands. Trained for tactical, team combat, many years passed, most of them seen through a blood covered haze, her body toned, and her mind trained. Until a hit squad from the Scorpion Clan came in to destroy the threat of the Onisu returning to the mortal realm, killing many of the lords of chaos, and sadly killing many brainwashed warriors in the ensuing battle. Several of them, as well as a majority of the young still kept from kindness and order. Though she did not accept it willingly, she was lead away from her poor excuse for a home in chains, but these lacking the taint of the Shadowlands. Once her and a variety of others were taken ‘prisoner’, as their minds were tamed, and their spirits purified as much as possible. It was a long process, which involved how to read and speak, how to use a bow, and focus her anger. Beyond any martial training, the kindness the clan showed her, an elderly Nezumi samurai who told the young Kitsune that she must travel, unlike many of the clan, to earn her place in the clan, or to find her way in the world. Given basic equipment, a bow to focus her rage, a hammer to smash her foes, and food to keep her alive, she left on a fantastic journey. By the time that she met up with her current companions, she had used her small set
of social skills, and her ability to hunt and survive, to mostly blend in with polite society, though she still tends to prefer to use hand gestures to communicate, afraid of what she may say. Though she has little experience with proper honor, as well as humor, she has taken to both of them very well.


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